Demonstration based vibrotactile pattern authoring software

Perceeption and design, ieee haptics symposium, feb. Similarly, in the vibrotactile domain, ryu and choi 8 developed the posvibeditor 8 see right of. Spectrumbased vibrotactile footstepdisplay for crinkle of fragile structures shogo okamoto, shun ishikawa, hikaru nagano, and yoji yamada abstractthis study developed a vibrotactile display method for the crinklescrunch of fragile structures. Jaebong lee software engineer, arvr facebook linkedin. Lugo zr1, rodriguez j, lechner a, ortner r, gantner is, laureys s, noirhomme q, guger c.

When a transformation rule is used, any occurrence of s on the right. Training factors of vibrotactile display for orientation. Supplemental vibrotactile feedback control of stabilization. Vibrotactile duration, amplitude and frequency were manipulated to present different patterns of vibrotactile stimuli.

In proceedings of the acm symposium on virtual reality software and. Environmental research 60, 145159 1993 vibrotactile threshold testing in occupational health. In the experiments orientation information were transmitted into the given tactor vibrating of a wearable vibrotactile display waist belt consisting of 12 tactors. A combination of direct manipulation and pattern recognition techniques enables designers to control how demonstrated examples are generalized to interaction rules. Jetdraft document suite is another free software that can be used as an authoring software for windows. In proceedings of the international conference on tangible, embedded and embodied interaction.

A vibrotactile p300based braincomputer interface for consciousness detection and communication. The demonstration based authoring method 28 integrates various touch input properties, such as the position and pressure of a touch, to generate complex vibrotactile pattern. In 2008 ieee international workshop on haptic audio visual environments and games. Individual differences in performance and interrelations among scores within and across paradigms were explored. Authoring sensorbased interactions by demonstration. Generalizing the study of shortterm memory across different species and paradigms e. We developed vibrotactile patterns to induce five sensation types.

Ringshaped haptic device with vibrotactile feedback. Exampletracing demo from the computer science domain that demonstrates the following ctat features. Web search engines present search results in a rank ordered list. Kyungpyo hong, demonstration based vibrotactile pattern authoring, masters thesis, computer science and engineering, postech. It also supports the creation of a library of patterns using xml based pattern files. For many individuals a vibrating toy can awaken them and provide a more engaged response. This demonstration presents ubitile, a fingerworn concept offering both motion sensing and vibration feedback for authoring of vibrotactile feedback on tabletops. Vibrotactile working memory as a model paradigm for. Identification of vibrotactile patterns encoding obstacle. Characterizing personalization mechanisms springerlink. They are all low bandwidth and do not require a fine temporal acuity. Our work is related to research in demonstration based authoring and motion visualization techniques.

Two sets of comparative experiments to evaluate the performance difference between the untrained and the trained subjects are presented. While most mobile platforms offer motion sensing as input for creating tactile feedback, it is still hard to design such feedback patterns while the screen becomes larger, e. The main reason was that such simulation tools are not always used for developing just any type of learning but focused on training content creation for a specific software application or system. We are addressing the problem of hci using a holistic approach. Spectrumbased vibrotactile footstepdisplay for crinkle of. Ringshaped haptic device with vibrotactile feedback patterns. Nov 26, 2012 one of the most inspirational speeches ever mike tyson when life gets hard duration. Invited workshops modeling and rendering of stiffness for haptic augmented reality, artificial softness. Myongchan kim, saliencydriven realtime tactile effects authoring, masters thesis, computer science and engineering, postech.

One of the most inspirational speeches ever mike tyson when life gets hard duration. International publications haptics and virtual reality laboratory. For such structures, tactile stimuli are more easily perceived by humans than. Designing a vibrotactile language for a wearable vest.

What you need to know contribution to online media careers ezine article on principles of interactive media authoring. The conversion between touch and vibration is performed in vary intuitive way. Demonstration based authoring user demonstrations have been harnessed to generate explanatory, educational or entertainment media in domains including software tutorials 9, 25, animation 8, 29, 3d modeling 42, or physical therapy 41. Thus, there is a growing need for common programmers and machine learning newcomers to understand the general functioning of these algorithms.

The usability of our demonstration based method is also compared with the conventional waveform based authoring. Tactile animation by direct manipulation of grid displays. In a previous post, i described how haptics can be divided into a series of sensory channels tactile, vibrotactile, force, and thermal. Identification of vibrotactile patterns encoding obstacle distance information. A fingerworn io device for tabletop vibrotactile pattern authoring. Vibrotactile pattern recognition on the torso with one and. Multisection sensing and vibrotactile perception for. The results indicated that subjects could recognize the vibrotactile patterns with. A few examples demonstrating optimized vibrotactile device engineering 41 or software compensation of their dynamics 18 do, nonetheless, exist. Using it, you can easily create xml, html, rtf, etc. Demonstration based vibrotactile pattern authoring. Vibrotactile vibrotactile items provide a deeper form of touch that can be used to alert or calm depending on the individual and the type of vibration. Authoring sensorbased interactions by demonstration with.

Developed a vibrotactile feedback system with four tactors. There is no discernable change in vibrotactile thresholds as one moves circumferentially around the torso from the navel to the spine, however cholewiak et al. We suggest the midair motion input space made accessible using ubitile outperforms current gui based. This can enable some media content to be made more accessible to audiences with disabilities because the vibrotactile sense can be engaged. This time, lets move on to vibrotactile vibration feedback. Classification has been carried out using different standard pattern classifiers 2324. Lecture and demonstration, with comparative research on authoring paradigms and matching tools. Converting between fractional, binary, and decimal representations. Previously when i discussed freeform and template based rapid content authoring tools, i kept software simulation tools aside. Software systems and components are increasingly based on machine learning methods, such as convolutional neural networks cnns. Authoring tools for haptic content 5 systems to help develop the contents that users can experience and enjoy using haptics technology manual authoring vs. Also, you can create help and training modules in scorm, html, and chm format as per the website as you launch this software, it initiates project wizard to let you specify code layout. Tactile display and vibrotactile pattern recognition on the torso.

A fingerworn io device for tabletop vibrotactile pattern authoring khanhduy le kening zhu tomasz kosinski morten fjeld maryam aj shengdong zhao nordichi 2016 87 pdf towards leaning aware interaction with multitouch tabletops khanduy le maha paknezhad pawel w. The hapticon editor by enriquez and maclean 2 can be used to define a special waveform as a tp for a single actuator. Demonstrationbased vibrotactile pattern authoring acm tei 20. This works when what a user wants is near the top, but sometimes the information that the user really wants is lo. C67 demonstration based vibrotactile pattern authoring kyungpyo hong, jaebong lee, and seungmoon choi in proceedings of the international conference on tangible, embedded and embodied interaction tei, acm, pp. In proceedings of the 9th nordic conference on humancomputer interaction nordichi 16. Using space and time to encode vibrotactile information. Artists have become interested in creating vibrotactile art as a new and exciting art form. Categories and subject descriptors according to acm ccs. It is based on the graphical metaphor of the shape of the device, which.

Wavelet transform 2122 based features have been used along with principal component analysis 2930 for feature dimension reduction. Vts drivers are capable of driving several different types of vibrotactor elements including offcenter motors, buzzers, coil based vibrotactile elements, and ramtactor elements. Durlac h proved that the hand based reception language of tadoma could transmit very accurate information 21,22. Publications last updated april 24, 2015 shens personal.

A study on a motion based remote controller and vibration feedback for mobile device optimal to low power consumption and high perceived. Evaluated vibrotactile feedback parameters frequency, duration and amplitude. Demonstrationbased vibrotactile pattern authoring request pdf. Download kent academic repository university of kent. Tan further investigated the use of vibrotactile interfaces to engage the full hand 19, 20. Touch receptors in the skin can relay various forms of abstract information, such as words braille, haptic feedback cell phones, game controllers, feedback for prosthetic control, and basic visual information such as edges and shape sensory substitution devices. Demonstration based vibrotactile pattern authoring acm tei 20.

Based on the technical literature, the torso represents the most suitable body. Tactile animation by direct manipulation of grid displays oliver s. Her tactuator, a three fingered sensory substitution device, used a tactile interface for improving the reception of speech 22. International publications haptics and virtual reality.

Summarized design guidelines for future application development. Authoring a sensor based interaction comprises three steps. Workshop on haptic and audio interface design haid posters and demos, pp. Design of a vibrotactile display via a rigid surface. Authoring of vibrotactile content, keynote speech, international workshop on haptic and audio interaction design haid, april 19, 20. Configurable, wearable sensing and vibrotactile feedback. We designed a wearable vest that houses a set of actuators to be placed at specific points on the body. A comparison of vibrotactile and air puff stimulation for. The aim of this study was to determine whether patients with lockedin syndrome lis could elicit a p300 wave, using a vibrotactile oddball paradigm for establishing somatosensory bci based communication.

Lecture and research on asset types and limitations for use with authoring tools. Vibrotactile threshold testing in occupational health. Vibration authoring tool, vibration authoring method, and storage medium recorded. Here, we examine personalization as a way to leverage the affective qualities of vibrations and satisfy diverse tastes. A multivoxel pattern analysis of neural representation of. Easa explain and show amplified based on learning objects that won a european academic software award. A comparison of vibrotactile and air puff stimulation for inducing swallowing kathryn diane white a dissertation submitted to the graduate faculty of. Discriminative capacities for vibrotactile spatiotemporal patterns were examined in 62 college students with three tasks. Demonstrationbased tool for a first recording and then a waveform editor for finer. Towards enhancing awareness in designing collaborative computing systems khanhduy le department of applied information technology research school of humancomputer interaction chalmers university of technology gothenburg, sweden 2017. Vibrotactile stimulation can be used as a substitute for audio or visual stimulation for people who are deaf or blind. Bci based on electrophysiological signals has enabled communication, using auditory or visual stimuli to elicit eventrelated potentials erps. This study investigated the effects of vibrotactile feedback on a navigation task and provided a general design guideline for future applications. Information and translations of vibrotactile in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Graphical authoring tools for vibrotactile patterns. Motion and vibration effects synthesis for 4d films. Vibrotactile definition of vibrotactile by medical. We present a usability study in which we evaluated the device and feedback patterns. Vrst 19 25th acm symposium on virtual reality software and. For example, muscle spindle primary endings encode muscle length and the rate of length change in a joint based coordinate reference frame whereas muscle spindle secondary endings encode primarily muscle length information 39.

Designed a vibrotactilefeedbackbased navigation task. Vibrotactile stimulation jki has developed its vts product capability to producing the many effects possible for a variety of applications. Authoring sensor based interactions by demonstration with direct manipulation and pattern recognition, proc. In being there concepts, effects and measurements of user presence in synthetic environments. Fully automated the key component of the technology for haptic content creation we focus on those for vibrotactile rendering in this talk. Towards enhancing awareness in designing collaborative. Authoring illustrations of human movements by iterative. Sensing and vibrotactile feedback are performed via eight distributed, wireless nodes or dots size. A vibrotactile p300based braincomputer interface for.

Rule based cognitive tutor demo that demonstrates how to run a flash cognitive tutor on the web. It enables the prototyping of vibrotactile icons and can be used with multiple vibration motors. A nonlinear correlation has been revealed between the eeg features of the tactile and vibrotactile. A demonstration based editor 10 allowed control of frequency and intensity. In proceedings of the 2012 acm annual conference extended abstracts on human factors in computing systems extended abstracts chi ea 12 work in progress.

C67 demonstrationbased vibrotactile pattern authoring. Vibrotactile score for designing vibrotactile patterns. Wozniak gabriele kasparaviciute shengdong zhao michael s. Vibrotactile definition of vibrotactile by medical dictionary. Providing feedback to multiple senses in concert to improve the use of the high bandwidth that humans are capable of in real interactions. The ability to detect vibrotactile stimuli on the torso varies as a function of frequency, and is optimal between 200300 hz. We propose a vibrotactile pattern authoring method based on the users demonstration, where a device generates a vibrotactile pattern by imitating the touch input pattern of the user. The vibrotactile augmentation of touch surfaces has been widely investigated for hci applications 24, 11, 23, although design issues affecting their perceptual transparency have often been neglected. Pertaining to the sense of touch that perceives vibrations. This design was developed originally to help learners tackle skills or processes that they find abstract and often threatening, e. Individual differences in the vibrotactile perception of a. Studies of human memory have often focused on stimuli with substantial semantic content, which are both difficult to model computationally at least, using biologically based models and often impossible to convert to animal studies. Delivering distance information of nearby obstacles from sensors embedded in a white canein addition to the intrinsic mechanical feedback from the canecan aid the visually impaired in ambulating independently. A multivoxel pattern analysis of neural representation of vibrotactile location junsuk kim, yoon gi chung, soon cheol chung, jang yeon park, heinrich bulthoff, sung phil kim department of brain and cognitive engineering.

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