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Point detonating fuze m8 is a superquick action impact fuze used with 4. It has the advantage of inherent safety and not requiring any internal driving force but depended on muzzle velocity and rifling pitch. Typical nomenclature would be fuze, bomb pointinitiating, basedetonating pibd where. The aluminum body of the fuze contains a springloaded striker at the nose mounted within a movable circular retainer. The fuchs m9802 electronic point detonation delay pdd fuze is an example of a unit that uses electronics rather than mechanical subsystems. These types of fuze are particularly effective in mortar rounds due. Amtec manufactures its products by following a proven iso. This specification is approved for use by the us army armament, munitions and chemical center and is available for use for all. Departments and agencies of the department of defense.

M551 armored reconnaissanceairborne assault vehicle. Mildtl70437 spitback lead assembly for fuze, point. V5k is a mechanical, nose, pointdetonating fuze with super quick action. Vt fuzes for projectiles and spinstabilized rockets op 1480. Point detonating fuze how is point detonating fuze abbreviated. Impact fuzes in artillery usage may be mounted in the shell nose point detonating or shell base base detonating. Mildtl70437 spitback lead assembly for fuze, point detonating, m759 this specification covers the requirements for fabrication of parts, assembly and spitback lead assembly for fuze, point detonating, m759. Without a proper fuze, artillery would be pretty much useless. The expanding gas accelerates the projectile along the barrel until the point. Mildtl50869 fuze, point initiating, base detonating \pibd\ m550, less spitback assembly loading, assembling, and packing this specification covers the metal parts, assemblies, loading and assembling for one type of fuze designated as fuze, point initiating, base detonating.

No matter what youre looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Mildtl32267aar 11 july 2008 superseding mildtl32267ar 30 september 2007 detail specification fuze, point detonating, m739a1 this specification is approved for use by the u. A fuze is a device that initiates an explosive function in a munition, most commonly causing it to detonate or release its contents, when its activation conditions are met. Vt fuzes for projectiles and spinstabilized rockets, op 1480, 1946, is a manual for proximity fuzes of ww ii. The fuze is in excellent condition, and it disassembles as shown in the photograph. Point detonating fuze m717 is a superquick, delayed arming impact fuze used with 60mm mortar he cartridges. Fuze mk 30 is always used in conjunction with an auxiliary detonating fuze to assure the complete initiation of the main explosive charge of the rocket head and to provide additional safety. The fuze is based on a new design ofmechanical fuze for 155mm 52 calibre gunscombining a high level of reliability andsafety. Proximity fuzes explode shells near to a target without hitting the target. A springloaded cylindrical slider, mounted transversely in the aluminum fuze body, contains the detonator and is equipped with an oring pressure seal. The ogive is ink stamped fuze, pd, m557 inert mae750 375 the booster is stamped booster m125a1 dva 1 331 1975 and over stamped in ink inertthe booster delay is ink stamped empty the booster cup is ink stamped inert and unscrews to show a dummy resin charge kindly donated to my collection from.

They may be direct action also called point detonating or super quick or graze. Put on an he, or wp round, it would detonate upon impact. The fuze v5k completes 57 mm high explosive and hollow charge unguided rockets s5k, s5ko, s5kov and s5mo, launched from ub16 and ub32 aircraft rocket pods. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. In the mid 19th century two basic types were in use, time delay and impact. The point detonating m555p1 is an impact fuze used in the high explosive type of 105mm, 155mm and 8 inches howitzer, 90mm and 120mm gun as well as 4,2 mortar ammunition this fuze is an improved safety model of the old pd m557 one gpccs fuze pd m557p1 complies fully with all nato military specifications and test methods. Pd point detonating, sq superquick, delay what series of pd fuze contain a raininsensitive screen so that the fuzes can be fire through a heavy rainstorm without premature functioning of the round of ammunition. As aircraft became faster and higher flying it became more difficult to hit them with gun fire. This fuze meets the im insensitivemunitions requirements according to stanag 4439 while being compliant with the stanag 4187. Basically components, such as he, shell bodies, fuzes, fuze magazines, etc, which. The m557 was the basis for the junghans feinwerktechnik pd544, a design developed in the late 1990s to meet a requirement for a point detonating pd superquick sqdelay fuze which would be compatible with flick ramming. M549 fuze chamber projectile body copper liner m169. Nsn 90012689155 fuze,point detonating pricing and availability, cross reference parts, and webflis data.

Detonating fuzesclass a explosives n army ammo data sheet. An artillery fuze or fuse is the type of munition fuze used with artillery munitions, typically. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Point detonating fuze nsn 90012689155 fuzes and primers. The body of the fuze contains a primer and a pyroor broken and the safety lever ears are properly assembled. Fuze, point initiating, base detonating, m509a1e1, loading assembling and packing. Fuze must be integrated with existing rms and apache piu.

With an aluminum filled body, the m739 needed no rain caps to prevent premature fire in inclement weather. Do not fire artillery ammunition of any caliber without authorized fuze. Fuze v429 point detonating, with super quick and time delay for artillery and tank ammunition v429 is a mechanical, nose, pointdetonating fuze with selectable superquick or delayed action. A fuze with a graze action will also detonate on change of direction caused by a slight glancing blow on a physical obstruction such as the ground. Originally made in the us, it is now produced by different countries. The fuze selected for analysis was the m557 point detonating fuze comprised of a thinwalled. What type of fuze is the m557 and what are its settings.

The m433 is capable of defeating light armor and incapacitating personnel, out to a maximum range of 400 meters. Inert m557 point detonating artillery fuze dated 269. Point detonating fuze how is point detonating fuze. Hello, here a cutaway of the commonly found m557 pd fuze, which is currently used in various caliber projectiles. Mildtl50869 fuze, point initiating, base detonating. Although these components are critical for proper operation of the fuze under normal impact conditions, replacing the fine internal structure of the fuze with a homogeneous core material simplified modeling the oblique impact problem. Superquick, pd point detonating m720 or m720a1 fuze. With the superquick, point detonating fuzepd, the round was used against. Point detonating fuze hw594 is selective superquick and 0. The unusual thing about this fuze is the aluminum tip. M549a1 point initiating base detonating fuze m549a1 fuze photos courtesy u. L85 was a modified us m557 having a detonator at the front of the nose cone. Point detonating fuze rgm2 for artilerry ammunition romarm.

Point detonating fuze with impact and delay function for use with general purpose and penetration bombs mk80 series fitted or not with guidance kit pw, jdam, aasm point detonating with programmable delay function. Fuze, point initiating, base detonating, m509a1e1, loading. The simplest and most common types of fuze are the quick and superquick point detonating variants, which are designed to detonate the round as soon as a hard surface is struck. Point detonating fuzes m739 and m739a1 are selective superquick and 0. An artillery fuze or fuse is the type of munition fuze used with artillery munitions, typically projectiles fired by guns field, antiaircraft, coast and naval, howitzers and mortars. The aluminum fuze head contains a spring loaded striker and firing pin. Army this product is subject to export restrictions imposed by the us government version 1 public release 14s1798 the m549a1 fuze, is a critical element in the 40mm m430 a1 high velocity hedp grenade. Pdf is defined as point detonating fuze somewhat frequently. The fuze completes highexplosive, incendiary and smoke ammunition for artillery guns of the following caliber. Slides 83 m557 point detonating fuze is a selective superquick or.

Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and oneofakind products and gifts related to your search. Point detonating fuze m557 is a selective superquick or 0. Time fuzes were combustion types, consisting of a burning fuse train, ignited upon firing. However, many recent pointdetonating fuzes are electronic. Please visit my account section from the header menu and buy a suitable package as per your convenience. The m48 series point detonating fuzes offer selection between superquick or 0. The m557, or m739 superquick, point detonating fuze had a dual purpose. In a live m557, the detonator is in the tip, and other inert examples of this fuze i have seen utilized the regular tip with the detonator removed or fired. Tm covering the functioning and internal components of. You must buy the package to view the content of this section. Detonating fuse definition of detonating fuse by the. Point detonating fuze rgm2 for artilerry ammunition.

It offers two operating modespoint detonating superquick and point detonation delayand can be manually set via a switch on the side. Parts for this specification covers the metal parts for use in fuze, point detonating \pd\, m505a3. Munitions 155mm howitzer, medium, towed brave cannons. Never fire the het cartridge over friendly troops or through brush or other obstructions close to vehicle. Fsc 5 ammunition, through 30mm this document comes with our free notification service, good for the life of the document.

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